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October 23, 2013

Average tuition at state universities up 2.9 percent, the smallest rise in decades

Average tuition rates at the nationís 4-year public universities rose 2.9 percent this year, the smallest annual increase in more than three decades, suggesting that the steeper increases over the past few years didnít signal a new era of accelerating prices, says a report out today. Still, the smaller rates of increase this year ó across public and private nonprofit and for-profit colleges ó are tempered by recent declines in federal grant aid, according to Trends in Higher Education reports on tuition and financial aid, released by the nonprofit College Board. In Michigan, the average tuition increase among public universities this year was slightly higher at 3.45 percent. Also, the unemployment rate for four-year college graduates ages 25 to 34 was 7.1 percentage points below that for high school graduates.



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