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October 9, 2013

C&G News highlights WSU-affiliated SOAR organization


Peggi Tabor is a Society of Active Retirees member, a Farmington Hills-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization affiliated with Wayne State University created to mentally and socially engage seniors. Tabor said that since joining the organization roughly six years ago as a volunteer faculty member, she became a student and was hooked on SOAR. “There are so many interesting classes to take. There is something for everybody. It is really a lovely atmosphere. I think it is like college, like I always wanted it to be.” The 20-year-old organization grew after its first fall semester with about 20 courses; the organization now boasts nearly 80 spring and fall courses, with roughly 800 members enrolled. In addition to courses ranging from archaeology, art, film, psychology, science and sports, the organization has a book club, hosts film festivals and special events, and offers field trips. SOAR is headquartered at the Wayne State University-Oakland Center.


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