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May 9, 2013

Wayne State students giving a Malibu an eco-friendly makeover


Wayne State University's EcoCAR 2 team is in the third year of a three year challenge to turn a Chevy Malibu into a more eco-friendly car by changing the engine and other key components. General Motors donated the car for this competition sponsored by GM and the Department of Energy. The 40 or so students and grad students involved are studying mechanical and electrical engineering. They have spent countless hours getting hands on experience converting the car from a gas only vehicle to a plug-in hybrid. Wayne State is one of 15 universities across the country competing in this challenge. Students must use cars that are on the road today, and the finished product has to be something an ordinary consumer would buy. When this project is finished, the engine will run on E-85, a mostly plant-based fuel, and the car will have a battery pack and electric motor so it can go 30 to 40 miles without burning any fuel at all.


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