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March 25, 2013

Language Portal of Canada adds WSU Word Warriors promo


A promo links back to an earlier story published last January discussing the release of the Top Ten words in 2013 by Wayne State University’s Word Warriors. You might not be tossing buncombe or persiflage into regular conversation—but you could and maybe should! Wayne State University published the Word Warriors' 2013 Top 10 list—a tribute to the diversity of the English language—to highlight words that its linguistic team feels should be saved from the brink of extinction. To liven up your next conversation, check out Save the words! Language lovers campaign to revive old timey terms! Describing the purpose behind the Word Warriors’ efforts, Jerry Herron, Wayne State University dean of the Honors College, said: “We want people to take full advantage of the extraordinary richness of the English language. The world of our experience is only as interesting as our capability to communicate it, to describe it.”


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