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January 17, 2013

Wayne State police ensuring safety in Midtown


Channel 7’s Dave LewAllen featured a story for a Detroit 2020 segment on safety in Midtown and Wayne State University. LewAllen talked with Wayne State Police Chief Anthony Holt about the University’s technology and extensive 24/7 monitoring system in place that features video cameras located throughout the campus. Dispatchers are able to observe activities on campus to ensure safety for students, staff and visitors. Holt says the technology used by the police department has assisted in their efforts. He says there has been a 42 percent reduction in major crime categories – and he predicts that this year the Midtown area will be approaching a 50 percent reduction. The police department also employs a community policing strategy that includes bi-weekly meetings with agencies at various levels to determine crime “hot spots” enabling them to target areas in Midtown. “We’re a part of the bigger community, so we take that responsibility,” Holt added.


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