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Professors' collaboration is music to Detroit's ears

November 13, 2012

At Wayne State, creative collaboration is a way of life. And when two professors decide to compose songs together, the results are music to Detroit’s ears.

Caroline Maun, associate professor of English, and Frank “Frankie the K” Koscielski, academic services officer and labor studies instructor, founded the band Black Hat in 2008.

A combination of talented musicians, inventive songwriting and eclectic influences, Black Hat will release its second album, Hooray for Love, on Friday, Nov. 16, at the Cadieux Café. The album was inspired by Koscielski’s recovery from a serious motorcycle accident in March.

Four years ago, lead vocalist, keyboard player and lifelong musician Koscielski approached Maun, an accomplished poet, with a simple question: “Can you write poems that rhyme?” After some experimentation, the duo formed a strong creative bond and has been writing songs steadily ever since.

“When we started, I wrote lyrics that wouldn’t necessarily stand up as a poem on the page, but when combined with music they began to communicate on so many different levels,” Maun said. “It’s been really amazing collaborating with Frank.”

Black Hat has appeared at the Music Hall Jazz Café, the Scarab Club, the Crazy Wisdom Tea Room in Ann Arbor, and on the nationally syndicated Mitch Albom Show.

To learn more or hear sample tracks, go to www.facebook.com/blackhattunes

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