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Department of Clinical and Translational Science attracts talent, improves collaboration

October 23, 2012

In recent years, the National Institutes of Health has encouraged more team-focused research with the goal of moving biomedical research more quickly from laboratories to helping patients and improving health in the community.

From left to right: Roger Pique-Regi, Carolyn Dayton Dayton, Dean Aikins, Julie Aikins

In alignment with this NIH initiative, in August 2010 the Wayne State University Board of Governors established the first university-wide Department of Clinical and Translational Science (DCaTS) in the country. 

The department emphasizes applying basic science discoveries to the development of trials and studies in humans. The department’s structure spans disciplines across the University. In its short existence, DCaTS has already enhanced collaboration across colleges and schools, including engineering, social work, nursing, pharmacy and allied health, as well as medicine.

DCaTS is also attracting talented faculty to Wayne State. The following faculty members recently joined the University with joint DCaTS appointments: Roger Pique-Regi, assistant professor in the Center for Molecular Medicine and Genetics; Carolyn Dayton, assistant professor in the School of Social Work and the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute; Julie Wargo Aikins, associate professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences and the Merrill Palmer Skillman Institute; and Deane Aikins, Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences and the John Dingell Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

“Working with the Office of the Vice President for Research and the Vice Dean of Research of the School of Medicine, DCaTS has initially been supporting research infrastructure like the Clinical Research Center, iLab, Oncore and SciVal to help clinical and translational scientists, so DCaTS has unfortunately been pretty invisible to the University community,” said Robert Sokol, M.D., the John M. Malone, Jr., M.D., endowed chair and director of the C.S. Mott Center for Human Growth and Development, distinguished professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and founding chair of DCaTS. “Now, however, with joint recruitments around the University, our impact on enhancing collaboration across academic units in clinical and translational research should become more obvious to faculty. Expect this joint recruiting to continue to bring new talent to Wayne and help fill the new Multidisciplinary Biomedical Research Building with active funded scientists.”

Researchers are encouraged to utilize a wide array of DCaTS resources, including, but not limited to:

SciVal – A database to identify faculty with specific areas of expertise, which can be used to identify mentors, collaborators and assist with faculty recruitment.

iLab Core – A portal to those seeking lab and technology services.

Clinical Research Center – Three bed unit and private rooms for interviewing area available for clinical trials, infusion studies or physiologic studies.

Clinical Trials Office – Assists investigators with things such as budgeting, contract negotiations and regulatory preparation.

For more information about DCaTS, visit the website, www.dcats.wayne.edu or call 313-993-4000.




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